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Design, pattern, blackout, sunscreen, silver backing fabric and all kind of fabric and color available


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Basically, roller curtains divide into two categories, one is sunscreen roller blinds and other one is blackout roller blinds. Sunscreen fabric gives you a transparent to dim out facility so you can choose openness factor (openness factor means how many percentages of hole in that fabric provide) 1% to 10% accordingly provide a best solution of light control as per your need. Blackout roller blinds high levels of light control (0%), energy efficiency and privacy. When you are decision to choose a roller blinds, is how much natural light you want to be coming into the room. Blackout roller blinds block almost natural light from coming into the room. A good choose could be for bedroom where you need privacy also, kids’ room, media room, meeting room, projector room etc


Electric Automatic Roller Blinds, Window Blinds

Sunscreen roller blinds is a perfect solution for an office or at a workplace, because most people feel comfortable with the sun light and more active compared in the artificial light. But excessive amount of direct sun light can cause discerning on  the computer. You need to dim-out the light with a fabric layer into your window. Sunscreen roller blinds is the perfect solution because wide fabric available with this kind product. The silver screen fabric has more  then 12 kind of category. Some of area has direct sun light that can damage the product color, for this situation you can use a perfect silver backing screen fabric this fabric invented to stop ultraviolet ray coming through the window. A silver backing screen fabric cab give an absolute outside view. Available from 1% to 10% with your need and the BlindsDxB will provide you a correct solution for your office windows.  


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Let’s get some idea about how a roller blinds works with component and fabric. so basically, a tube, control, bracket, chain, bottom bar and fabric are the main component that is needed for a roller blinds. Now fabric, the most important part of a blinds is fabric which is visible, and we, BlindsDxB offer you a huge collection of fabric and our expert sales representative will explain you the benefit and specification of the fabric as per your choice. Blackout roller blinds, sunscreen roller blinds, design roller blinds and many more kinds of blinds we will provide you with a right solution. Side channel, U-Channel or Side guide are same kind of product with purpose. Actually, if we going to install a blinds inside a window frame by default (because of control and bracket breadth) there will be a light gap between fabric and side wall, to make this solution work on this kind of situation this invented product is called official as per my knowledge is 'Side Guide'. Purpose of this component is used in a meeting room, projector room or a bedroom etc. Where need more accurate light control and privacy to stop light from the side we are using this product blinds in Dubai also you can see in this photo a box top of the blinds that’s called fascia and including enclosure. This is a perfect use for a blackout roller blinds to make your place go 93% to 95 % for blocking the sunlight. the window treatments, windows blinds and windows curtains, windows coverings, windows shades, office blinds, kitchen blinds, blinds for large windows, motorized window blinds, electric window blinds, blinds for big windows, window blinds for home, modern window treatments 100% is also possible as per site condition.